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The world is our classroom
The World is our Classroom!

Who are we?

We are a group of second and third graders in Southern California who are using technology to help us share what we are learning with the world! We are so excited that people are really reading our writing! We hope you enjoy reading our wiki! Please leave us comments above in the discussion tab or email Ms. Webster.

mswebster_wikispaces_com-2007-08-04_to_2008-08-05.jpgWho's reading our Wiki?

Everytime someone reads our wiki, it leaves a dot on our map. Here is our archived map from the school year! 3,088 visits! To see how many visits we've had since the school year ended, scroll down.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a webpage that anyone can edit or revise. It is about collaboratively building knowledge together. For ideas on how to use a wiki in the classroom, check out this Wiki-Walkthrough.

Our current Clustr Map:

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Wiki Waranty- Responsible use of the wiki